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What a bored day
Thursday, July 14, 2011 | 10:15 AM | 0 panda

 Today has been a fucked up day for me. I got no idea why I am feeling this shit now. I'm having mixed feelings about everything around me. I'm confused. Yes I'm choosing blogging to tell my feelings out. Bare w me if you don't understand. I always try nd try to be the best myself could be but hey, no one is perfect. Up to this poin now, idk if I'm doing the right thing. But I can't just call it a quit like this. I can't stop now. I need to go on. I need to move forward instead of stopping at the moment to think. I use too much time to think. I just have to stop thinking. Get myself away from distraction nd do what I can do the best. I need a gateway. I feel like I need to runaway from the reality now. Yes just for a while. I need to be at somewhere alone.

 Somewhere w no one nd I can think nicely. I just need to find a place to think about what's going on. Some place where I can ease my mind. Its hard to stay around. For now, I just need to get away. Just for a moment, please? But the again, I can't just leave now nd put everything behind. I have to get back up nd continue moving till the end. I know I can't leave now. If I leave now, everyone will be dissapointed on my action. I need to grow up already nd I'm trying to do what I do. At the end of the day, once I done everything I could, I hope someone could say to me "Yes I know you did yr very best nd I'm proud of you". Sometimes, it just a statement, fr me its give me happiness. It give me a confidence to continue on. I dont need people to scold me nd keep telling me whats the best. I just need a word of confidence that you believe in me. I just hope you do.

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