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Sunday, May 15, 2011 | 3:05 AM | 0 panda
 Hi. Hello readers, It's been years since I last blogged. I started a new one because I don't want you to read my past. Before thinking of blogging again, I would usually note down every special moment that happens or if I was upset or hurt, I would start scribbling then, write again. Honestly, it's best having a blog where you can pour out your feelings because sometimes, Twitter is never enough. It will never be. People judge too much, don't you think? I know people judge here too, but I couldn't care less. You see, a lot has been going on. They say teenage years are a breeze. Well, they said wrong. Because teenage years are the hardest but the best. Sometimes, you're happy, sometimes you're sad but the worst times are the ones when you breakdown but you've got no one to turn to. Sucks, I know. Trust me, when I went through my depressing times, I did things. I'm not proud of, at all. Things I never imagine myself doing. Readers, don't you thing that changes your life permanently just because you're temporarily upset. You will regret and that feeling is never nice.  And yeah, i'm back to blogging! Hello back dear bloggerr :)

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