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Fun fact about blogging!
Thursday, January 12, 2017 | 10:49 PM | 0 panda
Hi guys! I'm back!!! My mood for blogging is back. I miss updating some post for you guys to read it. Fun fact about blogging is you have no idea how much fun updating a blog until you realized that you're actually get more important things to do. So, i have a lot of things to share with you guys but i want you to suggest what post should i share with you and people outside there. Just leave your comment on the box down below if you want me to share it with you guys (about skincare, any tips or etc) ANYTHING ok?! stay tuned and i'll be right back soon. Much love xx

What's In My Bag
Saturday, January 11, 2014 | 2:28 PM | 0 panda
Hi guys!

I've always loved What's In My Bag videos cause I'm a very nosy person, so I thought I'd do one right now cause this is what I'm carrying onto the plane and I have a lot of stuff in my bag when I travel so this might be interesting for some of you! :)

The bag I'm bringing: 
I'm carrying this black nylon bag because it's durable and I wouldn't be too worried about tossing it around. It's also very light and very secure which is important as I'd like to be able to sleep on the plane without worrying that someone can just stick their hand into my bag!

Contents of my bag:

1. A Book and Pieces of Blank Paper (inside the book)
In case I get bored because I'm flying with Etihad Airlines which I've never done before so I don't know how good their in-flight entertainment is. Also, the paper might come in useful when you feel like writing something; e.g. a poem about how sucky airplane food is.

2. Facial Wipes
To make myself feel fresh and awake when I get to my destination!

3. Retainers
Because I don't want to wear braces for a second time.. Which I actually need to but I'm convincing myself that I don't.. 

4. Pen and Pencil
In case you need to write something down. Also very handy when you need to fill in those tedious immigration forms..

5. Dry Tissues, Wet Tissues and Blotting Paper.
Tissues are always handy, and in case you get oily!

6. Medication
I have a pill for motion sickness (something I've unfortunately developed this year) and some antibiotics. Bring any medication that you might need such as Panadol or Clarinase cause nothing sucks more than having to endure a throbbing headache during a long haul flight.. Oh, and I like to bring medication that'll make me drowsy so that I'll quickly fall asleep when I get onto the plane, hehe.

7. Hair Tie and Scrunchie
You do NOT want the stewardess to think you are Ju-On. She might spill coffee on you.

8. Hand Sanitizer
You don't wanna catch a cold on the plane, do you?!

For in-flight shopping, duh. Always have USDs on you. Always.

10. Gloves
Because London is freezing at the moment.. 

11. Mint
In case you get hungry.. Cause a mint is only 5 calories.. And gurl we all need to watch our weight.. Hahaha I kid. But you know, what if the guy who sits next to you is cute? You don't wanna scare him away with your bad breath!

12. Useful Skincare Products
I brought my moisturizer, a hydrating mask that I will put on during the second leg of the flight (I'm stopping by Abu Dhabi), and this serum that's supposed to be good for flights since it retains moisture in your skin or whatever it claims to do. But do remember that it can't be more than 100 ML!

13. Hand Cream
I hate dry hands. I feel so old. And wrinkly. Ergh.

14. Toothbrush
Don't be disgusting. Brush your teeth before you sleep and after you wake up.

15. Facial Mist
I love the feeling of it ok..

16. Make-Up
Now now, you don't need to bring your whole makeup case onto the plane, but just bring along your essentials. Mine are mascara, eyeliner, lip balm and lip butter.

17. Perfume
I think perfume is a great pick-me-up when getting off a flight. A spritz on your neck, a spritz on your wrist, and no one will know you have been traveling for the last 18 hours.

18. Earphones (Not Pictured)
I recently bought noise-cancelling earphones which I hope will work! I don't want to be hearing people's snores when I sleep..

These are the items I lug on board with me this time around, and I'm curious on what are the essentials for you guys when you guys are flying? Let me know!

See you! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013 | 12:05 PM | 0 panda
cukuplah apa yang pernah jadi dulu
cukuplah apa yang pernah jadi 2 tahun yang lepas
cukuplah sekadar mimpi dalam bayang bayang
cukuplah bermain dengan api
cukuplah buat hidup orang lain menderita
cukuplah dengan janji yang tidak pernah ada nilai
cukuplah sampai disini ikatan sebagai seorang sahabat
cukuplah sejarah silam kini kembali menghantui diriku
cukuplah benda yang sama berulang kembali
cukuplah dengan segala penipuan kau
cukuplah mengata orang
cukuplah cukuplah cukuplah aku dah penat dengan semua ni;
akan aku kenang jasamu hingga ke akhir hayat

Deep inside, i'm dying.
Sunday, April 14, 2013 | 1:20 AM | 0 panda

Don't ask me why did i change from what I used to be, while actually you know it because of you. well dude you just cant accept the fact that youre losing.

i still care about you bro! too much care. i just wanted to say hi, i miss the old you, the old of us. that's all

Leaving everything
Saturday, August 4, 2012 | 11:39 PM | 0 panda

Hello and assalamualaikum. This is new. Everything were changed. I've new life. Dalam masa yang singkat kehidupan boleh berubah. Macam macam boleh berubah. Dulu cerita lain sekarang cerita lain. In this year, dah banyak benda yang berubah dalam kehidupan saya. Seriously.......... comel kehidupan ni sebenarnya.

Even banyak dah benda baik buruk berlaku. Tapi dah pandai belajar daripada semua ni dan dah pandai untuk terima kenyataan. Terima kenyataan yang......... PMR dah tunggu. This is july, tinggal lagi 3 bulan untuk PMR. Tolonglah. Banyak persediaan nak kena buat dan dah tak ada masa nak buang waktu untuk social network facebook, twitter, blog and so on.

Please pray for me. Doakan saya pmr ni. Doakan yang saya boleh jawab. Doakan pencapaian yang baik untuk saya. Please........ Doakan saya....... ya? thank you :)

Life is hard, but so very beautiful.

Go on
| 10:01 PM | 0 panda

Everything reminds me of you, EVERYTHING. Rindunya kau, but I don't want to be stupid anymore. I don't want to hope anything anymore. IF only you knew how much it hurts for me to keep these feelings. Yeps, I wanted to call you, but I know it will make me looks desperate. I wanted to text you, but I know you wouldn't reply any of my texts. So I decided to keep my feelings and just accept the fact that I'll get hurt by missing you. IF I could turn back time, I'll make it happen but it's just impossible.
"You won't change." this is the words you said, but you never know what I've been through all this while when I'm trying to change. You don't know what did my friends say. You don't know what everyone said about me. You just don't know anything and you simply said that. My last hope is that you would forgive me and even if you hate me so much, just don't treat me like I never have feelings. Say it to me if you hate me so I wouldn't have to be this sad, I don't have to save your number anymore.

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